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View the steps below for a quick start guide. Visit the Docs section for deep dive documentation.

1. You will need the following

• Ubuntu 16.04 system, RPI3 Model B or Ubuntu VirtualBox instance.

• Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick (NCS): 
   Order your Intel Movidius NCS from one of our online partners.

• Internet connection to download and install NC SDK.

2. Install NC SDK

Run these commands on a terminal window

mkdir -p ~/workspace

cd ~/workspace


tar xvf ncsdk-

cd ncsdk-

make install

3. Test installation by running built-in examples

Plug the Intel Movidius NCS to your system's USB port and run these commands on a new terminal window

cd ~/workspace/ncsdk

make examples

4. Next steps

Visit our github repo for more examples.

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