Major Announcement 18 Jun 2018

Siraj Raval, YouTube star and bestselling author, inspires & educates developers to create deep learning applications with Intel.

Download networks and use the MvNC Toolkit to profile, check and compile these networks

  1. Download networks: Enter the following commands to download well-known networks like AlexNet, GooLeNet, SqueezeNet, etc.
    cd ~/workspace/mvncsdk/bin/data
  2. Profile, check and compile: Plug the NCS to the host machine and ensure it is enumerated by running “dmesg | tail” in a terminal window – look for “Movidius” in the output. Run "make" with various options to compile, profile and check. example00 compiles lenet8 prototxt to a binary graph, example01 profiles GooLeNet, example03 validates lenet8 using a simple inbuilt image.
    cd ~/workspace/mvncsdk/bin
    make example00
    make example01
    make example02
    make example03