Major Announcement 18 Jun 2018

Siraj Raval, YouTube star and bestselling author, inspires & educates developers to create deep learning applications with Intel.

Install the Movidius™ Neural Compute SDK on your development computer

  1. Extract SDK: This step extracts two tar files, one for the toolkit and one for the API framework.
    mkdir -p ~/workspace/mvncsdk
    mv ~/Downloads/[DOWNLOADED_TAR_FILE] ~/workspace/mvncsdk
    cd ~/workspace/mvncsdk
    tar -xvf [DOWNLOADED_TAR_FILE]
  2. Install MvNC Toolkit: You need this tool to compile your CNNs to binary graph files. It also allows you to profile your CNNs and check inference results against Caffe results.
    cd ~/workspace/mvncsdk
    tar -xvf [MvNC_TOOLKIT_TAR_FILE]
    cd bin
  3. Install MvNC API framework: This framework runs on the host machine where you plug the NCS. It provides a rich Python and C API so user applications can load graph files to the NCS and get inference results. WARNING: Make sure you have closed the terminal window from the previous step and open a new terminal window.
    cd ~/workspace/mvncsdk
    tar -xvf [MvNC_API_TAR_FILE]
    cd ncapi